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We go to Mt. Mica every Sunday! Meet us at the Dig Maine Gems dig site at 9:00 AM to join us!


We offer exclusive access to private mines! Join one of our field trips and have the opportunity to find your own Tourmaline and many other gems and minerals right from the source!


We supply shovels, sifting screens, potato diggers, and rinse water. Feel free to bring any other tools you would like.


It pays to be prepared! We recommended you bring:

  • Two 5 gallon buckets to bring your rocks home

  • lunch & snacks

  • drinking water

  • sunscreen

  • bug spray

  • eye protection

  • closed toes shoes/boots

  • extra layers

  • rain gear


Our outings are dog friendly as long as you have a leash!



Field Trips

Mt. Mica Mine

South Paris, ME.

Dig Maine Gems, DOES NOT own the Mt. Mica Mine. The ONLY trip we can offer to the mine is on Sunday mornings. Thank you!


Every Sunday, Rain or Shine!

No reservation needed!

Come to the first Tourmaline mine discovered in the USA!


Mt. Mica Field trips are held every Sunday during the mining season! We meet at our dig site (110 Bethel Rd, West Paris) at 9 AM and leave promptly at 9:30 AM to follow us to the mine. We stay until 3 PM but you can choose to leave early if desired.

Closed toed shoes are highly recommended

Tools you are allowed to bring: Shovels, hand rakes, potato diggers, buckets and screens.

Tools NOT ALLOWED: Hammers and chisels.


$65 per adult $35 per youth ages 7-17




Mt Mica is an active private mine and is regulated by Mine Health and Safety, the ATF, and the Maine Fire Marshall. This mine is closed to visitors except by special arrangement with authorized agents. Dig Maine Gems is an authorized agent. Please do not contact the mine for access.


Children under 7 years of age are generally not allowed on this trip. Contact us for more information.


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