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The Matolcsy Family

"We are explorers, going where no one has ever gone, in the hopes of making a discovery that will change the course of history." -Zoltan Matolcsy
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Established in 2007, Dig Maine Gems is Maine's first rockhounding business specifically geared toward teaching people about the basics of rockhounding and minerology in Maine. Owners Jody and Zoltan Matolcsy have extensive knowledge of mineralogy, geology and local mining history.


They are a match made in heaven. Both rockhounds from childhood, they have built their lives and business around their shared passion of exploring the natural world for mineral treasures. In the early years, it was not uncommon for Jody to be at mines all over western Maine with sons Justin, Clayton and Tristan and daughter Tanya - all learning the history of local minerology and becoming skilled at finding gemstones before most little ones can talk. Following in their foot steps, their son Tristan found a path among the gems stones at digs as soon as he could walk and now helps support the many facets of the business – pun intended! 

The Matolcsy Family also owns their own mine where they are actively prospecting and holding private digs.  Originally explored for feldspar, the Ryerson Mine in South Paris, Maine USA has produced 17 minerals in the past 10 years of exploration adding to the 43 previously discovered minerals, for a current total of 69 to date. This includes gem tourmaline, varieties, Elbaite, and Indicolite. All the work performed has mostly been by hand, implementing old fashioned mining methods and with the use of antiquated equipment. 

The Ryerson Mine has recently been marked in history as one of the contributors to the internationally renowned Maine Mineral and Gem Museum in Bethel, Maine. At the heart of their operation is the passion to share their excitement and wonder for adventure and bringing people together to learn about the amazing minerology of Maine.

Tristan, Zoltan and Jody are pictured in their western Maine home aside a stunning exhibit of self-collected mineral specimens.


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